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Internet Download Manager v6.36
A great accelerator tool for downloading your favorite software, games, CDs, DVDs and mp3 music, videos, programs and more. This will help you load each file as much as possible using the maximum bandwidth available. It supports all websites, browsers and any kind of file. In addition, depending on its type, it classifies and stores the file in a specific folder.

IDM speeds up to 5 times the download speed, if you want to reload, resume loading and plan. Comprehensive error recovery and the ability to resume broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

If you visit some of your favorite websites daily, you can now save the site for offline browsing using the IDM grabber site feature.


System Requirements:

All versions of Windows including Windows XP up to 10 are both 32-64 bit supported. Other requirements include 12 MB HDD and 512 MB RAM


After downloading the installation file, you will need to follow a simple installation wizard. The quick and easy installer will make the settings for you and check your connection at the end to use the hassle free download manager. This app can be used as a free trial for 30 days without limit.


This website offers many shopping options to fit your needs. Of course, the best choice is to have a lifetime license for this great software. You can complete your purchase
The new features added can be viewed in detail here:

Download acceleration speed up to 5 times
Reload unloaded
Easy one-click download
Site site
Easy to install
Drag and Drop
Automatic antivirus check
Download all links feature
Download Categories
Multilingual support
Customizable interface that is easy to use
Advanced browser integration
Supports proxies and many file host sites
Load restriction

Supports major authentication protocols: Basic, Negotiation, NTLM and Kerberos
The main interface shows the program version number, toolbar menu, and main download list with menu and download bar above. The scan of the downloaded file is rearranged using the details. For example, name, download date, size, and more. Just click on the column tab to rearrange or use the order of the files in the option list. In addition, you can use the View menu to customize the URL list to select and arrange the columns at the top of the download list. use
Download Categories: This contains 5 main categories. Compressed, documents, music, programs, videos. Depending on the file type, the files are automatically saved in each group. You can create more categories depending on your needs. You can also hide it using the option below the view menu or close button.

Multilingual support:

This feature allows you to download required files marked with filters (for example, all images or audio files via a web site), complete subsections or websites for mirroring or offline browsing. .

This is a simple four-step wizard under the download menu. Follow the process details here and try to do it:

First, you need to name the new project, the desired website, and specify the project template and authorization (if necessary). If you need to download all images, video or audio files from the website or download a complete website, you can choose the appropriate template. Project templates make your projects quick to get started quickly, because all the settings required are done automatically.

Secondly, you will choose where to save project files and some other options such as overwriting existing files, converting links for offline browsing, and so on. You can save each file in the folder according to the category of the file. If the "Overwrite Existing Files" box is unchecked, the grabber identifies each file with the same name using the following line or number. The third step allows you to add Explorer filters such as web surfing filter levels. The final step lets you adjust the file filters (the types you want to remove or delete, hide duplicates, and more).

Finally, the program explores the web using set filters until the entire process is complete. According to the selected website and filters, this process may take a long time. Progress and statistics can be checked. The tree on the left shows the site structure according to the links and folders. You can view the entire list of files found in a single page or folder.

In the toolbar there are the following buttons: "Start Exploring", "Stop Exploring", "Check All Files", "Delete All Files", "Start Downloading Checked Files", "Stop Downloading Checked Files" "," Add checked files to IDM main list and download queue "and" Show Grabber statistics ".

You can check all the files you need to download and download them immediately or add them to the IDM master list. This program lets you go back to the previous page of the Grabber Wizard, for example to change settings or filters, and so on. After making any changes, simply go ahead to resume browsing or downloading files.

Login Sites: You can add login details to many hosting sites to get full download speed (eg loading, fast program, ...)

Dial Up / VPN: This option lets you add your Internet connection details such as VPN

Sounds: eg after full download. Media files in .wav format are supported only


Internet Download Manager is the best download manager that helps users to quickly download, arrange files and resume broken links. You can download the file every time to do it later and shut down your computer if you do. Getting a site allows users to browse your favorite sites offline. You can save any video for offline playback, no more media loading software. This software is essential for all Internet users.

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I want download some program from siemens website using IDM but the catch link always forward to login website and need username and password, before download i already login with my credential if i using chrome download it takes time to completed download, so anyone have problem like me?