Install Windows 10 On Mac—It’s Possible And Fairly Easy


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The release of Windows 10 last week was very well received by a lot of people, especially for those who were unhappy when Windows 8 released in 2012. Windows 10 has become so successful in a matter of days, with at least 14 million subscribers already upgrading and lining up for the free Windows 10 update, that even Mac users are starting to wonder if it’s possible for them to experience the Windows 10 upgrade as well. Good news for all Apple Mac users, Windows 10 could now be installed in Mac PCs and laptops, International Business Times reports.

For the longest time, Windows and Mac users were always separated by the difference in the specs of the Windows and Mac units, with Mac using PowerPC CPU architecture for its hardware. However, to date, Mac is reported to have already shifted to the Intel x86 standard commonly used by Windows PC, meaning that the hardware used by Windows and Mac are already quite the same. With more and more people appreciating the Windows 10 OS, more Mac users (especially those who only transferred to Mac after the Windows 8 fiasco) are weighing the options of going back to Windows 10.

Install Windows 10 On Mac—It’s Possible And Fairly Easy