iMobie 2018 New Year Giveaway


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Windows 10 Chrome 63.0.3239.132
Every participant can download and install Android manager – AnyTrans for Android for FREE, and also win a chance to get Samsung Galaxy
S8/Huawei Mate 10, or Amazon gift cards.

Rules & Limitations:
1. Giveaway version works the same as Full Version, available for minor updates, but
not available for major update to version 6.4.0.
2. Contest is sponsored by iMobie Inc. and runs from January 3, 2018 to January 17,
2018 PST.
3. Multiple entries per person are allowed during the Contest.
4. Contest Prizes: Samsung Galaxy S8 X 1, HUAWEI Mate 10 X 1, $20 Amazon Gift
Card X5.
5. The winner will be announced on this page and our official Facebook/Twitter on
January 17, 2018. Please follow us for the updates.
6. Winners will be notified by iMobie official Facebook or Twitter, and give them 7
days to confirm that they received the notification. If we don't receive the
confirmation, we move on to the next winner.
7. We'll highly appreciate if the winner could share his/her feelings/expression via a
written comment, video, photo or a combination of all three.

Time Duration – January 3, 2018 – January 17, 2018