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Image Colorizer is an AI-powered app that is capable of coloring the old and B & W photos. This is a fully automatic process. Our system will scan the whole photos and colorize them by using advanced algorithms and strategies.
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Category: Productivity
Version: 2.0.2
Size: 16 MB
Languages: English and other
Requires Android:
4.1 and up

For this Pro version, you can upload large images/photos with dimensions no more than 3000*3000.

By using the Pro version, you can add effects to the colorized black and white photos. We provide more than 40 filters and effects for you to choose from.

Please click the "Preview" button and add filters and effects to the colorized photos.

Main Features:
- Support colorizing black and white photos automatically.
- Support the batch process to improve your productivity.
- Provide taskID and check the status.
- No need to wait until the colorization process finished.

How to use Image Colorizer Pro?
The process is quite simple.
#1 Select the photo or image you want to colorize
#2 Upload and you will get a task ID.
#3 Close the app and wait for a while
#4 Get back and check the task ID. Once it shows "success", you can preview or download the colorized photo/image.

If the status is "Waiting" or "Processing", you can wait for a while and get back to check again. All photos will be cleared in our servers every 24 hours, please, please download as soon as possible.

Privacy Protect:

All uploaded and colorized photos will be removed every 24 hours.

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