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**********************(n)thank ib VPN To work with us and the one year Ultimate 3 accounts(n) ******************************

The Complete Solution for surfing the web Invisibly and Geo Restricted Websites.A VPN service to protect your identity and unblock restricted websites.ADNS tool to optimize your video streaming experience on restricted media networks like Hulu or Netflix to use in networks where VPN can be restricted

VPN protocols OpenVPN PPTP L2TP and SSTP
premium plan features
75+VPNservers 2000+dynamic IPs located in DE,NL,UK,US,IE,FR.CH,IT,LU,RO,RU,ES,EG,NZ,JP,TR+2000 dynamic IPs
VPN versus other online privacy and unblocking rectricted websites technologies Yes,there are altematives toVPNfor unblocking restricted websites or hiding your real IP address/ The most popular are proxies and DNS solutions

ibVPN All in One Client for Windows
  • Access your favorite websites anytime from anywhere
  • Access your favorite geo restricted website anytime, from anywhere in the world
  • Prevent hackers from stealing your data
  • Protect yourself from 3rd party tracking
  • Pick from a worldwide network of servers
  • Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP supported
  • ibDNS integrated
  • Connects at start up
  • Kill Switch & auto reconnect included
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in the end ibVPN one year Ultimate 3 accounts 5 devices
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ibVPN has many features such as kill switch, DNS leak protection, IPv6 protection, downloading-uploading live chart—every necessary thing. It always performs perfect results of Hiding IP, protecting DNS Leak and WebTRC Leak (even with 128-bit PPTP). ibVPN lets Users connect via PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols from any of their packages. Changing protocol is performed very easily from within the desktop client, although for most purposes there is little reason change from the secure 256-bit blowfish encrypted OpenVPN default option.


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I like ibVPN Because

It's Strictly No Logs. (Based on Romania)

Great Smart DNS service (For Unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC etc.)

200 servers from 47 countries, 63 locations around the world. with Dynamic IP Support

Support all major VPN Protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, SoftEther, and IPsec. also APP for Win, Android

  • Proxy (Socks5 proxies ) servers in all locations . also extra service like Tor over VPN & Double VPN.
  • Strong OpenVPN Encryption Blowfish AES 256 bit

  • :cool:
The service works with PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. There is a large selection of servers: more than 100 in 47 countries. The service does not maintain user logs, so the data of each customer is not stored in the company's registers. Thus, it ensures complete confidentiality. All your data will be encrypted using the Blowfish algorithm with a 256-bit key.


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Windows 10 Firefox 60.0
love vpn VPN service to protect your identity and unblock restricted websites.ADNS tool to optimize your video streaming experience on restricted media networks
In my country, all sites are blocked from Facebook to the Telegraph and I like to thank him for the reason

azer omar

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لدى ibVPN العديد من الميزات مثل مفتاح القتل ، حماية تسرب DNS ، حماية IPv6 ، تنزيل مخطط مباشر للتحميل - كل شيء ضروري. إنها تؤدي دائمًا نتائج مثالية لإخفاء عنوان IP ، وحماية تسرب DNS و WebTRC Leak (حتى مع PPTP 128 بت). يتيح ibVPN للمستخدمين الاتصال عبر بروتوكولات PPTP و L2TP و OpenVPN و SSTP من أي من حزمهم. يتم تنفيذ بروتوكول التغيير بسهولة شديدة من داخل عميل سطح المكتب ، على الرغم من أن معظم الأغراض لا تتغيّر إلا القليل من الخيار الافتراضي OpenVPN المشفّر 256 بت المشفرة الآمن.

و هو جيد جدا


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Romania based , 180+ servers from 57 countries,7 Simultaneous Connections for businesses with 256-bit AES Encryption and it Allows Torrenting with No Dns leak.ibVPN also provide Dedicated IP and SmartDNS and No log Policy.
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Thanks for the nice rare ibvpn giveaway Ahmad. Have used ibvpn before couple of times, their server performance is excellent, never got any downtime in my experience. Ibvpn allows p2P, good encryption level & multiple location choice inside most country so this is my choice vpn. Its an old reputed vpn company with no log policy so private data is never at risk of exposure.
Thanks for this great giveaway.

I like ibVPN because it has these below aptions:

1--The inclusion of IbDNS and SmartDNS for streaming, and that they allow selection of server for service.
2--The automatic reconnect when a disconnection happens.
3--The kill switch to protect against unwanted exposure from unwanted VPNs
4--ibVPN`s invisible browsing providing security and anonyminity.


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Windows 10 Chrome 66.0.3359.181
If you are still looking for an inexpensive VPN provider with a high level of privacy and anonymity of surfing the Internet, then pay attention to ibVPN.
Today, this service is one of the largest players in the segment of VPN services. The main advantage is high speed of connection with the network at a fairly low cost. You can even say that the pricing policy of the service is so loyal to the users that it offers even several options for saving on their services. It is impressive as impressive and good level of security on the network.
VPN service has more than 100 servers in 43 + countries. Coverage of locations-63 geographical areas.
This VPN service allows you to connect basic security protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP for any tariff plan. You can easily change the connection to a particular Protocol without leaving the VPN client on your computer or mobile gadget.
Thanks a lot for the giveaway. It is a comprehensive solution that helps me to surf the internet in an anonymous way, unblock many restricted websites. In addition, it offers a good protection and security. It has many servers around the world. Kill switch is an another good feature
Recent am incercat servicii Windscribe VPN și a rămas le-a mulțumit. La IBVPN, de asemenea, o extensie pentru browser-ul, dar el cripta aceste date, precum și o listă de locații și mult mai mult. Mă bucur să participe, împreună cu toate în acest interesant stoc!