i need to know best free vpn


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i need to know best free vpn for online gaming as in egypt internet company disabled voip which affected online games

mohamadali fardin

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total vpn works good for me but there is no more free accounts, however old accounts work good in free mode without the need to pay (only 3 connection is able but works goo)

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I like a lot Download.hr
CyberGhost is another good option I believe. The free version has some limitations but it's still OK to use.


I like a lot Download.hr
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PIA is a good one but it's not free.
Free vps in general is a bad idea. It does not guarantee the secure connection and it barely masks your IP address. And the same thing with proxy. So it's better to get a paid one. You can try fineproxy package, for example. It provides unlimited traffic and stable speed. So proxy is a good alternative to vpn.
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To protect my privacy I use NordVPN and Softactivity monitoring software additionally. This sortware helps to protect my data from insider threads and prevent data flowing and cyberattacks. This software even records when a user is browsing in Incognito/InPrivate mode.
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Can't stop visiting Download.hr
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FastestVPN, have great speeds and decent number of servers too.