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HT Facebook Blocker is a program to block access to popular social networks, sites and applications. If you want to block access for your child so that he cannot visit social networks, or limit his time there, but cannot physically be near him at that time. time, as he uses the computer, the program presented here will help you.
Facebook Blocker blocks access not only to Facebook, but also to other social networks, such as Twitter or Google+, as well as websites, applications, games and IM clients. In addition, you can limit the time you visit sites and surf the Internet, set up a schedule to allow employees to visit social networks only during breaks and not during business hours. In a special section you can read the report and see which sites and applications have been opened and how much time they used, while supporting the main web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
If you care about the performance of your employees and want to restrict access to social networks, this can be done using HT Facebook Blocker.
The main features of the program HT Facebook Blocker:
• Blocking Facebook and other social networks. With just two clicks, Facebook and all related pages can be blocked on the computer, prohibiting the user from accessing the website. The software is protected so that even a very experienced computer user cannot bypass it using a proxy server or anonymizer. The program supports all versions of web browsers and reliably follows your instructions.
• Limit Facebook. Blocking sites completely or limiting the time that users can spend on Facebook and other sites. For example, you can limit Facebook to 30 minutes a day or set up a schedule and block social networks and other entertainment sites during business hours and allow them to visit during breaks.
• Block websites. With HT Facebook Blocker you can limit access to any website by their address as well as their content. Using our predefined site categories makes web filtering easy for everyone.
• Blocking applications. Facebook Blocker allows you to block specific applications from running on your computer. This can be very useful for employers who want to ban applications such as games, etc.
• Blocking instant messengers. Messengers can be time consuming. Facebook Blocker can limit access to all major instant messengers, such as Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and others.
• Control over activities. In addition to the blocking function, HT Facebook Blocker has monitoring functions and can record all visited websites and running applications. Having a history of viewed sites allows you to ensure that your filter is working properly and can be useful when auditing surfing. Website monitoring works in all main browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Facebook Blocker also keeps logs of running applications, so you can find out when the application was open and how much time the user spent in them. It is very easy to control access to programs installed on your computer with our software!
• Individual user settings. If you need to have different access restrictions for different users, it is possible to set different access rights for each user.

Download ZIP

• After downloading, extract the files and run the installation file.
• After installation, run the program and use the license key in the license.TXT file to activate the program.

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! ! ! Activate the full version before July 31, 2019.