How to spin off birthday notifications on Google and Facebook


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If we are on Facebook or on Google+ and have during slightest one crony or hit on a site, possibility is that we accept birthday notifications.

Birthday notifications are enabled on both systems by default and depending on how many friends and contacts we have, we might get utterly a perspective notifications via a year.

That’s not always something that we want, generally if we get many notifications via a year and don’t act on or have another approach of gripping lane of birthdays.

It is thankfully easy to invalidate and censor birthday information on Facebook and Google+. The following beam provides we with a travel by that we can follow to spin off birthday notifications on both sites.


Birthdays are powered by Google Calendar and taken from form information of users that we have in your circles on Google+.

To censor a Birthday Calendar, do a following:

  • Open Google Calendar. If we are not logged in your Google comment we need to pointer in before a information can be accessed.
  • Your calendars are displayed on a left. There we find Birthdays if it is enabled.
  • Move a rodent cursor over it, activate a menu idol and name “hide this calendar from a list”.
To invalidate Google+ birthdays, do a following:

  1. Open a Google Calendar settings.
  2. Switch to Calendars during a top.
  3. Click Birthdays and switch from display Google+ circles and contacts birthdays to contacts only.
If we censor a birthday calendar, we don’t unequivocally need to perform a second operation. It might come in accessible yet if we wish to retard Google+ birthday information though like to accept hit birthday information.

Additional information about a process, including information on how to mislay particular birthdays, are accessible on Google Support.


Facebook has a singular welfare that handles if birthday notifications are pushed to we or not. The easiest approach to invalidate those is a following:

  1. Open a Facebook presentation settings page. You need to pointer in to entrance it.
  2. There we find Birthdays listed underneath “what we get told about”.
  3. It should be set to on that means that we get birthday notifications on a site.
  4. To spin them off, pierce a rodent cursor over birthdays and click on a revise icon.
  5. Use a preference menu that opens adult to spin them off by selecting that option.
Closing Words

Simple repeat a processes summarized above if we wish to spin on birthday notifications on possibly site again.

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