How to recover lost data from USB flash drives and SD cards?


PC user
“Recently I plan to give my idle USB flash drive to my sister, and before that I want to clean up all my personal data. So I uploaded all of my Google Drive to my gmail account and when I uploaded everything, I logged out of my gmail account. Then I deleted all of my files off my USB flash drive from my laptop and emptied my Trash of my laptop , But when I went back into my gmail and click Drive to check whether everything was still there, I found that everything was gone! I had a very important files there! How can I recover them if its possible? Please tell me how to undo delete on USB flash drive to
rescue my data!”

usb recovery tool helps you undo delete on USB
When you delete your files on USB flash drive with out emptying the Trash, you you can undo delete by clicking on the Trash icon at the right side of the Dock and dragging those files to a different location. And on the contrary, if you emptied the Trash, it is more difficult to undo delete. However, there are utilities specifically for data recovery, for example H-Data recovery Master. You can completely rely on it to undo delete as the deleted files is not

really erased. The space the file occupied become vacant , so that new data can be written over the space. So if new data files have not yet been written over that space, the old space is still there and may be recoverable with H-Data recovery master.

Steps to undo delete
H-Data Recovery Master is a powerful usb recovery software that allows users to

recover delete, formatted and inaccessible data from USB, you should first insert it on your laptop and ensure the lap top can recognize this memory media as a drive or a part of you laptop’s memory.

Step1, Scan the disk to find the deleted files
Launch H-Data Recovery Master and click the module ‘USB Disk/Card recovery , then choose the partition where you lost your data and click ’Scan’ to find your lost files.

Step2,preview and undo deleted to rescue lost data
After scan, all the lost files of this partition will be found and displayed. You can choose to list them according to the path, types and creating time, then it is easier for you to find and preview the recoverable files you want to retrieve. Finally, mark those files and click ‘recover data’ to selectively get them back.

Tips: before you get back all your lost files, you mustn’t save any new data into the memory media in case will it overwrite the original data. Making sure that you didn't write new data to the same partition where you deleted those files. Then you have a chance to recover them.Download and install H-Data Recovery Master(