How to protect and clean your Computer from Malware!


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In this video i show you how you can once a week clean and protect your computer from malware.
In Windows 8.1 and 10 you need not an expensive antivirusprogram ist enough if you clean it with this tools and additional with the integrated Windows Defender. In XP and Windows 7 you Need an additional Antivirus.

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360 Total Security let a few serious threats leak into a system I applied it to recently.

Just a heads up to some people out there.

Though it may have been something more than the program itself, I'm not sure. It surely didn't get rid of the threats or remove the infection that's for sure.

I base this solely on my own personal experience with the program.


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You should add Avira Rescue System to this list. (Great list btw. Those are some great applications that do their job very well)

I love Avira Rescue System for the simple fact that Avira is among the top contenders when it comes to reliability towards detecting and battling malware. It's also great to have for those who don't wish to install an intrusive anti-virus/anti-malware application and do boot-time scans on the fly. Boot-time scans are very important since malware can potentially infect system files that are constantly in use while the operating system is running. With a boot scan, those files are dormant and can be scanned and cleaned more thoroughly.

Download Avira Rescue System | Official Website

You'll have to burn it to a disk that supports burning bootable images OR use YUMI multiboot USB creator. ImgBurn is a nice program that supports bootable image burning (though it does register as a PUP - 'POTENTIALLY Unwanted Program in many anti-virus suites). I for one have never had any problems with it.


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easy steps to clean your infected computer

1. Computer acting suspect? Do a little digging and check for symptoms.
2. Use protection: Enter safe mode.
3. Back up your files.
4. Download an on-demand malware scanner such as Malwarebytes.
5. Run the scan.
6. Restart your computer.
7. Confirm the results of your anti-malware scan by running a full scan with another malware detection program.
8. Update your operating system, browser, and applications.
9. Reset all of your passwords.
10. If, after all of these steps, you’re still having problems with a possible infection, feel free to post your question in our public forum.

Hope this information is helpful to you
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