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If Windows 8's search and navigation tools still leave you pining for the regular Start menu, installing ViStart will replace it with something very similar.
Download the program and install it - it is Free!

But once that's out the way, your old Start button will return in its regular place, and clicking it (or pressing the Windows key) will bring back the usual Start menu complete with search box and all the usual menus.
The program has a few flaws - on launch it gave us an e-mail icon for Outlook Express, for instance - but otherwise works well.

There's also Start8 from Windows customisation veterans Stardock. It provides similar functionality to ViStart but with a more up-to-date look.



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For me there is nothing better than StartIsBack. Only drawback is that it is not free but the price is still very good.
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I am using StartW8, it's free. But after all I found using windows metro is faster with typing the software name without searching. :)


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Why You don't like IObit Windows® 8 Start Menu, it is freeware and not worse then some paid versions. I have some of them, but for long time use only this.
Read more and try, if you haven't still tried. It may be installed if some other is already installed, simply disable autostart for others.
You have many settings and styles to choose.
If You like Windows 7 style, choose it, if Windows 8 style - choose it.
Choose Your own menu, small or large icons, only icons, only link, etc
Enjoy this freeware.
Homepage: IObit Start Menu 8 for Windows 8 and 8.1 Free download, Bring Windows 8-8.1 Start Menu back



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Hey...You can consider trying StartIsBack Crack v1.5 Windows 8 Start menu Full Free worked for me :)
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Start Menu Reviver

The tile-based Start Menu Reviver comes closest to the Start Menu found in Windows 10 .

The left-hand column offers shortcuts to critical system features, including your computer and personal folder, Control Panel, Task Manager, and the Run menu. The second column from the left provides space for your most regularly used applications.

The list of all your installed applications comes up when you click the All Apps tile or when you move the mouse from left to right across the Start Menu.



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I really like classic shell. Being able to change the start button icon quickly is really cool. I have used startisback and it is very good. But I chose to stick with the freebie giveaway.

Classic shell supports 8 and 8.1 If for some reason you have not done the FREE update to 8.1 from 8 you should do so. It turns on several hidden features (#1 being Winkey+S opening a search everywhere) and fixes some issues with the tile page workings. This will make life easier whether you decide ya or nay on a start button option.


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Hi , i think the old start menu of win7 isn't a great think i prefer the start menu of win8/8.1 "we have to change"