How to Copy DVD to Get the Main Movie Only with Extra Parts Cut off?


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Usually, a DVD disc/ISO/folder contains not only the feature movie, but also many other extra parts like the trailers, advertisements, disclaimers, demo clips, etc., which may be the unwanted parts for many users. Then, how to get the main movie only with all these meaningless parts cut off?

A qualifiedDVD copy softwareis capable of reading any kind of DVD and recognizing the correct structure successfully when it comes to copy a DVD. Actually, that is what Sothink DVD Copy does. By choosing the Main Movie mode Sothink provides, you will get a totally pure main movie (feature movie, usually the longest duration) with the original quality kept.

No more words, let's cut to the chase to check how to get the main movie only with all the extra parts cut off with Sothink DVD Copy.

Step 1: Start Sothink DVD Copy up, and load the source DVD

Double click the desktop icon of SothinkMedia launcher to get it started, and opt for DVD Copy by clicking the related icon on the welcome screen.

Then, load the source DVD disc/ISO/folder according to the prompts showed on the main UI.

Step 2: Choose Main Movie mode, and make settings

After seconds of source reading and analysis, the to-be-copied DVD is in with all the titles and embedded audio & subtitle stream recognized and displayed. Navigate to the right pane, and click the copy mode switcher to choose Main Movie from the provided options. By doing so, only the feature movie (main movie title) is selected. And you can select the audio tracks and subtitles you need.

Move down to the Save to part, and choose the write drive or a disk with enough disk space to copy the source DVD to a blank or save as ISO or folder.

Step 3: Start copying

All things get ready, now just hit the Start button at the bottom right corner of the interface. Then Sothink DVD Copy will immediately start the main movie copy process, and present the detailed progress information once it works.

Sooner, you will guarantee the information of a success job.