Tweaks & Tips How to Clean your PC perfect in 8.1


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Your Pc-Performance is on a new system better than after a view month. The PC run slower and slower.
The cause is after open and close a program, programs let a lot of other dirtfiles back in your system.
The result is your PC get slower and slower, till you can reinstall your damaged PC. If you clean the pc with my cleanprograms what i use, your PC stay always so fast as on the beginning.

Here a Video How to Clean your PC:

And here are the free cleanprograms what you need:

CCleaner Download

Slim Cleaner Free

Privazy Eraser Free


Glarysoft Glary Utilities Free

In my second post you find the rest of the downloadlinks, because here are only 5 links by each post allowed.

Have fun :happy: