How can i increase my blog's traffic and Google rank??

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Hi everyone! I want to start a cooking blog..about many dishes from many cultures but before i do this, i would love to know if there are tactics and secrets out there that i can use to increase the number of people visiting my blog site? I would appreciate all your responses and comments on this :bravo:


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Content is gold. Try to make as much as possible unique articles and Google will love you.
Such type of blog can have strong facebook and instagram community also


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Google likes long articles. No duplicate content. You can make some friends with other cooks, and exchange with them links to your websites. And participate in forums related to cooking (+include a link to your blog in a signature).
And collaborations.
I did this when i had a blog about drawing, it worked for me :p

There's always an Adwords.


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You need to create SEO campaign. How it build? The best way is a build SEO pyramid based on Tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 or 4 blast. Regards


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I will suggest you some point which will beneficiary for your blog or pages.
  1. Title Tag should be implemented.
  2. Unique &effective content over there.
  3. If you have attached image in blog then Alt tag should be there.
  4. Now you can optimize your blog at high PR or do follow sites. You can do classifieds, Bookmarking and get help of social media like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Instagram and Pinterest.
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