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Scan2PDF is a program designed to scan documents and save them in pdf format.
The main purpose of the program is to scan any paper documents and save the result in one pdf file. In addition, it is possible to edit the received documents along the way: rotate sheets, make adjustments, add links and hyperlinks. Also, after scanning the entire document, you can save the resulting images in jpeg format.
This program will be especially useful and convenient for those people whose simple scanners do not have their own standard scanning software. And many do not even have a scan start button on the device.
The program can work with scanners connected both locally to a computer and over a local network. When using Scan2pdf, you will forever forget what it means to change the scanner settings to the ones you need before each scan, because this program will remember and do everything for you.
Key Features:
• Switchable scanner dialogs
• Subsequent rotation of documents
• Image processing of scans with color markers, gradation, cropping
• Supports feed scanners, multifeed scanners, duplex scanners
• High stability even with many sides
• Automatic update online
• Print without saving
• Direct Mail Scan2Mail with (c) Outlook
• Import of images, many image formats
• Darkening image areas
• Optimize color directly during scanning
• Eyedropper for white balance
• Aligning loads of text
• Image layers for e.g. stamps
• Convert and copy selected OCR text
• Insert free text
• Image on copy
• Many cutouts or edges removed
• Make text areas unrecognizable

Download and install the program.
Go to the Info -> Unlocking section from the main program window.
Enter the registration license code.

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• License for 1 year.
• No free updates.
• No technical support.
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