Tweaks & Tips Here is how you can still search Tumblr for torrents


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So, the blogging platform Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo Inc, started to add terms like torrent and to the network's filter list. Tumblr maintained a filter list for some time to block adult related search terms from appearing in the global search results. All users, regardless of whether signed in or not, can run searches on Tumblr's main website. The filter list blocks some results from being returned to all guests and Tumblr users who have not disabled the NSFW filter on the site.

While some users may still find filtered blogs in the search results (if they disable the filter), guests and users who don't know about the filter won't which impact the visibility of those sites. It is unclear why the term torrent has been flagged by Tumblr. Some say that it has been done as it is often associated with adult blogs and contents posted on the site while others assume that it has to do with a recent privacy policy change in regards to copyright violations.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that the filtering affects sites that are not offering adult contents or contents that violate copyright law as well. If you have used Tumblr before to find torrent files but cannot anymore because of the change and because you don't want to create an account on the site to allow filtered results, you still have options to find torrent related sites on Tumblr.

Probably the easiest option right now is to use a search engine like Startpage for it. The sites are not set to noindex yet which means that search engines add them to their databases. You can search for torrents for example to find Tumblr pages that match the search term. Depending on the search engine that you are using, you may need to turn off its safe browsing filter as well before all results are displayed.

It needs to be noted that the results are often not as good as if you would run the search on Tumblr directly. The reason for this is that search engines need to discover these pages and sites first to integrate them in the results while Tumblr knows about them automatically.