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Vulcan PDF Merge
Your Best, 100% Secure, Offline PDF Merge Solution
Vulcan PDF Merge is a lightweight batch PDF merge software that helps you quickly merge multiple PDF files into one PDF document and add password protection.
• Batch merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF on the fly.
• Support encrypted PDF files.
• Easily reorder PDF files before merging.
• Add passwords and set printing and editing .
• No data to upload, unrestricted offline use for privacy!

3 Steps to Merge PDF Files
How to merge PDF files and set password and permissions?
Step 1. Add the PDF files that need to be merged, or import the folder containing PDF files.

Step 2. Adjust the order of PDF files according to your requirements.


Step 3. Optionally set passwords and permissions, check password strength with an industrial-grade checker, then click the Merge button.

Download VulcanPDFMergePRO1120sv64ne .zip

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To Merge PDF on Windows
  1. Run PDF Merge Pro and it will bring a straightforward interface. Add PDF files by drag and drop.
  2. Adjust the order by clicking the "Up/Down" button. Enter the page range (1;3;6-18) in the "Selected Page" cell.
  3. Then, click "MERGE" button and this program will start merging added items