Giveaway Heimdal Thor Premium Home - 3 year free license


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Heimdal Thor Premium Home - 3 year free license
To obtain a Heimdal Thor Premium Home license, use the following instructions:

1. Go to the promotion page and fill out the form by entering your details and email address and selecting 3 Years and 3 Devices

2. For the Voucher field , specify the following promo code and click "Apply":

code: vaccinetrial
3. Make sure that the indicated price is USD 0.00 and complete the order by clicking the Checkout button . You will receive an Activation Key for 3 years for 3 PCs.



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Never heard of it but great giveaway thanks. Either good that it is multilingual.
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What a lavishly promotion.
Activation was still possible now.

Three years of antivirus thats very helpful.
It supports several languages, regret that not support my native language.
Well, set to EN.

Thanks for the sharing.


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pica88: still valid, just do it again! Please fill in the form except marking any on either 1 year or 2 years or 3 years?
Just leave it blank as it is. It will work and you will receive an activation key as well as email reply.