Giveaway Heimdal PRO 2018 1-Year license


Software guru
Windows 10 Chrome 67.0.3396.99
Consumer's are being led to believe that every aspect of their computing experience is constantly under threat, to the point where they can't even trust the software they download to their computer. With this in mind, we need a secure location we can trust to obtain our software.
Heimdal, which is available in a very basic FREE and paid PRO version, is a powerful security tool which you can use to offer a second-layer of security on your PC, in addition to your regular security suite. What it does in its basic form is check your computer, examine the software you have installed on your PC and then check for updates. It will then download them securely for you. In addition it will protect you from the latest malicious software and similar threats


Basic PC user
Windows 10 Chrome 67.0.3396.99
I'm using the lifetime license of this app.
No complaints so far, critical programs got updated automatically and up to now there has been no breaches.
One thing new user must be aware is that Heimdal uses their own proprietary DNS, so you will get rerouted using Heimdal's DNS and sometimes security solutions detect this DNS change as potential malware.