24 hours or less Giveaway GOTD - [VIP] 2048 Bunny Maker - bunny city building


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Windows 7 Chrome 71.0.3578.98

Rating: 4.2/5

[VIP SPECIAL Contains about $ 10 items. ]
Return 3 => 10
Upgrade Potion 1 => 5
Cleaner 1 => 5
Hammer 1 => 5

No Banner AD and Pop up AD!!!
But you can Use Reward AD and take item/

* This game is also available offline.

2048 Craft blocks of the same shape on the floor to create rabbits.
Various rabbits are waiting for you.
Combined rabbits are playing in the rabbit village for life!

▶ Rabbit Village
* use 2048 puzzle and Combined rabbits move to the rabbit village.
* Let's see what combination rabbits are playing.

▶ Carrots and rabbits
* You can get a carrot with a low probability during the puzzle.
* Please give carrots to hungry rabbits in rabbit village.
* The hungry rabbits give you an item!

▶ 2048 Puzzles and items
* As the stage goes up, the difficulty increases.
* Look at the ads or use the items rabbits give.
* It is easier to combine new rabbits.

▼ Privilege: The following privileges are required to provide advertisements.

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