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RedPill - Breaks Your bad habits in 3 simple steps using visual tools and automatically tracks abstinence time of all the crap you just quit.

*dosage - 1 pill per one habit. No more.

** No willpower needed.

*** No tracking needed. App auto tracks your abstinence time.

**** No substitutes needed. You just do it or not.

The Habit breaking consists of 3 easy steps:

1. You take a photo of your bad habit - like cigarette for smoking, or candy for candies obsession, or smartphone for online time waste and etc.
2. You add a title for bad habit. Easy for remembering.
3. You launch breaking of the habit - this way habit photo gradually is processed and is placed into bad habits list. (here we use here a scientific NLP method of changing perception of bad habit to break it later)

After you added and broke new habit, you can always track your garbage list and see the abstinence time of the bad habit.

if you accidentally reverted to a bad habit - you can reset it and start tracking again.

That's easy and simple because the power is at your heart - the app only unlocks it, so no need to use all these complex habit tracking apps, complete 26 steps of instructions or use hypnosis and other mind f*ing crap.

Scientific explanation for those who love details:
Usually the habit loop consists of 3 parts:

Trigger (stress from a work)
Routine (eat a cookie)
Reward (stress relief in short term, but ruining the health in long term)

In more clear words:
Trigger = Feeling bad.
Routine = doing something to feel good.
Reward = feel good. but ruining life in long term.

In RedPill we just bent the Reward part to enjoy another things, so the loop is doomed to fail. Because Trigger is not compelling now as it was before.

Good luck!

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