24 hours or less Giveaway GOTD - ALIEN AFFECTION


Software guru
Android 6.x Marshmallow Chrome 72.0.3626.105
Alien Affection is a puzzle game that consists of hearts. It consists of 75 levels with three different games that can be played in casual or expert mode. It has a sweet, short story segment that appears every 3rd level and is valentine’s day themed. Difficulty The games range from Lost Hearts that’s the easiest of the three to Broken Hearts that’s more difficult. In casual mode you can take as long as you want and passing a level shouldn’t be a problem. Some of the differences are subtle and you need to pay attention to detail to get gold. Highlights Get 25 out of 30 shapes right to pass a level. Replay any level to get gold which requires a perfect round. Switch between casual and expert mode and continue where you left off. Items are randomly selected and will be different each time you play. Info Heart Shapes - 25 Levels: Select the shape that the given heart will fit into. Broken Hearts - 25 Levels: The hearts are broken into 2 pieces each. Find the matching piece that will form a complete heart with the shown piece. Lost Hearts - 25 Levels: Find the heart that matches the character in the middle. Casual Mode: No timer Skip a shape if you're stuck 10 Wrong taps allowed Expert Mode: Limited time to find each shape 5 Wrong taps allowed

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