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Malware Hunter Pro is an anti-virus scanner designed to provide comprehensive protection against a variety of virus programs and unwanted applications on the computer and provides, in addition, additional functions for cleaning “junk” files and speeding up command execution.
Malware Hunter Pro aims to provide an easy-to-use but high-quality tool to ensure system security and is intended by the manufacturer for a typical PC user. In fact, the tool tries to combine the virus protection and the optimizer, and copes with it pretty well.
Key features:
• several test modes;
• detection and removal of malware;
• inspection planning;
• “white list” of trusted programs;
• acceleration of the PC;
• removal of unnecessary files;
• quarantine management;
• real time mode;
• USB flash drive protection;
• automatic update.
The user will be greeted by a simple interface with clear and accessible options.
In the left part of the window for work 4 menu tabs are available - “scan”, “acceleration”, “disk cleanup” and “settings”. To detect viruses, the application uses the famous technology from Avira. By default, it is disabled, but the first time you start a scan, the application itself will offer to enable this kernel.
Malware Hunter Pro provides fast, complete and selective, as well as checking individual folders and objects through the context menu by right-clicking on the application icon. In the first case, the startup, registry and drivers are checked, in the second, a thorough scan of all drives, including the system one, is performed. Well, the third case provides the possibility of allowing the user to independently determine the areas to be scanned.
Pros of use:
• Fight against various types of threats, trojans, worms and spyware.
• Simplicity, usability and ease of configuration utility.
• Additional help in optimizing your computer without installing unnecessary software.
• Work on the popular, high-quality in detecting and neutralizing threats, Avira engine.
• Regular auto-update anti-virus databases.
Malware Hunter Pro was developed by the Chinese company Glarysoft, a manufacturer of multimedia, system and network software for personal computers and laptops. Suitable for use in the environment of operating systems Windows XP and later versions.
* Suitable for use both as a standalone solution to counter external threats, and in addition to the already installed antivirus package.

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Glarysoft Malware Hunter Pro is for free on the SharewareOnSale. 1 day and 16 hours left.

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Terms and Conditions:

- This is a 3-computer 1-year license, for noncommercial use
- You get free upgrades for one year
- No free tech support
- You must redeem the license key before this offer has ended
- May not be resold

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Very interesting, usually all Malware Hunter Pro keys are like this.
Malware Hunter Pro License: 768592-051494-993ECC-9A88F7-34FD6B
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PS, get Your personal key here, if You want it. (Only available from Oct 5 - Nov 5, 2020 (U.S.A. California Los Angeles time))
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Addicted to Download.hr
Windows 10 Yandex.Browser
Very interesting, usually all Malware Hunter Pro keys are like this.
Malware Hunter Pro License: 768592-051494-993ECC-9A88F7-34FD6B
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