[Giveaway] DearMob iPhone Manager 2.5, unlimited copy


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[OFFICIALl]DearMob iPhone Manager 2.5 Giveaway to transfer your iPhone data with encryption method, Giveaway runs for a month!!!!

Please google "dearmob iphone manager giveaway" and enter the first result!!

Get DearMob iPhone Manager 2.5 official giveaway registration code with full feature, lifetime service, no upgrade allowed.

The World's 1st iOS Manager to transfer your iPhone iPad data
with U.S. encryption grade method.
-- What's New? DearMob iPhone Manager V.2.5 is integrated with the feature of "Data Security" which allows you to secure your iOS data transfer. It adopts the encryption algorithm of 1024-bit RSA (asymmetric encryption) + 256-bit AES (symmetrical encryption) + PBKDF2 + Argon 2. The decryption strength is at the same standard as the U.S. Military!!!

Better yet, DearMob iPhone Manager also supports to password protect your local file or folder on Windows and Mac. You are insured to save the encrypted photos and videos to an external disk, upload to cloud or email to your friends if you want.


  • Password encrypt your file/folder from local or iOS exported.
  • Advanced transfer and restore all or only certain files.
  • Easily sync iTunes movie/music/book from computer to iPhone.
  • Super fast - transfer 1,000 4K photos in less than 2 minutes.
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