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GDocsDrive is a fully functional Google Drive client app, which allows you to manage Google Drive files with your desktop apps instead of working through a browser.
With GDocsDrive, you can harness the full power of your Windows applications to edit Google Drive files with ease - not only documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint slides, but also images, text files, or any format supported by your local software.

Integrating Google Docs Cloud with Local Applications
File sharing and converting from desktop
Upload / download process in background
Supports all file formats
Content of the search file
OAuth login and SSL encryption
GDocsDrive software is written in C ++. Other libraries like Curl and OpenSSL are used for http communications. It is encoded based on the API 3.0 Google Docs List.
The process for changing the Google cloud is filing local usage claims, and includes 3 steps: 1. The selected file to be changed is uploaded to the local system temp folder. 2. The file is opened and modified by proper local use. 3. The file is uploaded back to Google Docs, and a new revision is added to the original online file.
GDocsDrive uses the OAuth 2.0 authentication method for users to boot. Therefore, users do not submit their credentials to GDocsDrive, but logged in using a Google Account sign on the webpage. GDocsDrive uses two symbols — an access symbol and a refresh symbol — received from Google for further operations.
Gmail users and Google Apps users are both supported. 2-step verification login is also supported.
GDocsDrive is only designed to be a Google Docs desktop client, not a syncing tool like Dropbox or SugarSync. And although there is an “Engine” in his name, GDocsDrive does not have a drive name mapping a feature.

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