Free Windows 10 virtual machines (version 1909): Visual Studio 2019 and other development tools


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When loading the development environment, you can choose a virtual machine for VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V or Parallels. The size of each image is from 15 to 17 gigabytes.


You get all the necessary application development tools for the universal Windows platform (UWP):

These Windows 10 Enterprise virtual machines expire on June 14, 2020.
The development environment download site for Windows 10 also contains a large number of sample code, guides, and documentation for application developers.

How to change the language in Windows 10: turn on the Russian interface
If you do not have a license for VMware , Parallels and you are not using Windows 10 Pro, then we recommend that you try VirtualBox and the corresponding virtual machine image to use this development environment. VirtualBox is free and supports snapshots that allow you to save a certain state of the virtual machine for later recovery.


When installing through VirtualBox, you will need to import a virtual device, and when requesting an OVA file, you will need to specify the file that has been downloaded and extracted. Just use the default settings (visible in the screenshot above), with additional dedicated memory. Then click the “Import” button. After importing, you can start the guest system and start exploring the application development environment for the universal Windows platform.