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Microsoft provides in section "Virtual Machine" pre-installed Windows systems for free download.This program you need: Virtualbox, free, free for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 or Vmware player, for personal use, for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. FIG.Microsoft provides in section "Virtual Machine" pre-installed Windows systems for free download, which can be used with virtual PCs - that is, with virtualization software like VMware, VirtualBox or Hyper-V. Primary systems are designed to test your own web applications and web pages with different operating systems and Internet Explorer versions.In the license conditions, which, however, does not reflect, it is generally only of "testing" the speech.

You may use the systems thus for example also use to test safely downloaded programs before you install it on the genuine Windows system. Or something in Windows to test yourself. It is also possible to use the virtual machines on other operating systems like Linux or MacOS to try certain things.After the first start you have to have 90 days. Subsequently, the virtual systems can no longer or only limited use. Microsoft recommends but on its own in the notes and release notes to keep a backup copy of the original (packed) Download files to begin each new 90-day trial period to period. Alternatively, you can use the "Snapshot" function of your chosen virtualization software to save the state of the system before the first start and return at any time with one click.Microsoft currently offers the following Windows systems as virtual PCs on: XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. The predefined user account is "Ieuser" and has the password "Passw0rd!", Where it is at the point behind the "w" to the number zero, not an "O".

If you have not yet installed any virtualization software on your PC, we recommend VirtualBox or VMware Player.To download the virtual machines you call Interoperability, Browser & Cross Platform Testing | Modern.IE click on "Virtual machine (VM)" and select the operating system under which you want to run the virtual PC, ie "Windows", "Mac" or "Linux ". In order to obtain the appropriate file format, make selections yet, what virtualization software you use. Then opt for a Windows version and download the corresponding self-extracting archive that consists of an .exe file and multiple .rar files. Only after the download of all parts is complete, launch the .exe file that unpacks the components of the virtual PCs in a directory of your choice. Among them is the configuration file for the virtual PC. These open in your virtualization software.

First of all you must install VMWare or Virtualbox on your pc and then you can install the Virtual operating System in the VMWareplayer or Virtualbox.

Here you get Virtualbox for free:
Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Here you get VMWare Player for free:

Here you get your 90 days trialmashines for the Virtual System
Virtuelle Maschine (VM), Windows Virtual PC & BrowserStack | Modern.IE
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