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SecureAPlus combines application whitelisting and antivirus to protect your computer from known and unknown malware. It blocks stealthy and advanced malware upon their first sign of entry, regardless of how hard it try to evade detection.

SecureAPlus works well with other antivirus. Users can have the option of using it jointly with other antivirus software to provide an added layer of defense.

It comes with one-year free user license and license can be extended by joining the referral

Key Features
  • Blocks hackers, mutated viruses, targeted attacks, zero day threats and other unknown malware.
  • Identifies and allows only trusted programs to run.
  • Blocks risky programs and malicious scripts from running.
  • Blocks advanced malware like APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and backdoor Trojan
SecureAPlus Download - Cloud-based Antivirus, Application Whitelisting and Offline Antivirus