Giveaway Free license key for 5 softwares from The Golden Section Labs (Worth $794)


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WinOrganizer is a full-scale personal information manager (PIM) that helps you organize and plan your business and personal life. It’s a planner, notepad and address book combined in one powerful application.
GoldenSection Notes

GoldenSection Notes is ideal for storing practically any kind of information – notes, recipes, quotes, Web locations, pictures and even entire Web-pages. Now you don’t have to create a number of text files scattered on the hard disk and rummage in them for hours while searching for some necessary notes. It takes you no more than a second to get to your info and notes with this comprehensible and easily adjustable Explorer- interface of the It enables you to use search and print functions; it can be also be integrated with your favorite program and Web-browser. Read more
GoldenSection Reader

GoldenSection Reader is an application designed for viewing and printing e-books of the .gso format created via WinOrganizer and GoldenSection Notes.
GoldenSection DataServer

GoldenSection DataServer – is a server-side application designed for simultaneous network access of multiple users to WinOrganizer and GoldenSection Notes .gso files.
Here are the license keys from the giveaway:

    • Personal license: BWTPWM-LDWYG-CBBWF-8QYBV-L8ELL-4PFLQ-1
    • Business license: BWBPWM-LDWYG-CKULV-HJKG5-7HPML-BKVQV-1
GoldenSection Notes

  • Personal license: BWTNNQ-TBGTG-MW4YP-7BVZT-7XXJZ-V44GJ-1
  • Business license: BWBNNQ-TBGTG-MUDBC-YUX5V-9M9F8-5AQX2-1
  • Family license: BZBNNQ-TBGTG-LNX3Y-ESWBF-K3MDB-Y2V4H-1
GoldenSection Reader

  • Personal license: BWTNNL-6Y4KG-USMYC-G3WDD-HLXMM-2UK39-1
  • Business license: BWBNNL-6Y4KG-VZ9NN-HAJXZ-SR8YU-WH5F5-1
  • Family license: BZBNNL-6Y4KG-VURMN-Z9KBU-J6DBU-5ZM7U-1

GoldenSection DataServer (including 5 simultaneous connections):

  • Family license (per server): BZBPSJ-MN3YY-E4HYX-HDFG5-KPGP2-5TEQG-1
  • Business license (per server): DZJU49-MRF6T-A7FVT-5DP7K-NAHMD-26PNC-9



With the Family license key of: WinOrganizer, GoldenSection Notes, GoldenSection Reader you can install the software on multiple computers (up to 5) used by them and/or members of their family.