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In Nox You control Jack Mower through various dungeons and upper worlds isometric shown. Game goal is to achieve the return to the world own. For variety, the three different classes of knights, magicians or conjurers, which gives the game a completely different each storyline care.
Choose the path of the knight, you can use all kinds of swords, battle axes, war hammers and Chakrams and leave the magical mumbo jumbo summoners and mages. As a mage you explore the other hand, the mystical art of spells - illusions that confuse the enemy, to destructive demonstrations metaphysical power.You will also learn to make magic traps with deadly spells, forcing unsuspecting enemies to their knees.
Those who opt for careers as Summoners can summon creatures and enchanted, which then are at your service. In addition, you practice is to swing bars and use the bow to fend off your opponent.
Unfortunately, the online multiplayer mode of "Nox" is no longer available after such a long time, the servers are switched off. but you can play both the solo campaign, as well as the multiplayer mode via LAN.

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