Giveaway Franzis PhotoZoom 4 Classic

Xavier Torres is simply the best
Franzis PhotoZoom 4 Classic

PhotoZoom 4 is the professional solution for zooming in and out of digital photos.
With PhotoZoom 4 enlarge your images without loss of quality. Stairs, unsightly artifacts and blocks formation at the corners were yesterday. Thanks to the award-winning and patented S-Spline Max technology, the lack of information for the magnification calculated realistically, edges stay sharp and maintain the structures. The same applies to imagery from the Internet: Increase it without quality loss to poster size.

Enlargements on the original resolution of time always generate artifacts such as the formation of small blocks. Even extreme magnifications of 800% or more, which would otherwise be completely useless, are possible. Thus, for the finest details in photos reconstruct. Photo Zoom 4 increases up to a resolution of 300,000 x 300,000 pixels - there can keep any digicam!