FRANZIS HDR Projects 4 Professional


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FRANZIS HDR Projects 4 Professional
Images that boast unreal color range contrast are often referred to as HDR images. Such high-resolution images are created by combining multiple images of the same point, with different exposure settings, together.
The best contrast ranges of the real world. Automatically corrects the exposure received without a tripod, adjusts the color temperature of individual images, or auto-corrects side images while preparing HDR images. For the first time, HDR projects 4 professional allows You to apply HDR based on the selection by weight of the original images. Get results quickly thanks to post-processing with 81 presets in 13 different categories from natural to artistic, and from landscape to architecture.
Performance without compromise. HDR projects 4 professional guarantees spectacular images with full depth of focus, perfectly matched light effects and an impressive sky. You don't want to bring a tripod? You don't need to - HDR projects 4 professional will align the horizon of Your images so you won't even notice the difference. High-end Ghost image removal tool. Even people running in Your picture or other fast moving objects are no longer a problem. HDR projects 4 professional easily corrects shadows, double or Ghost images automatically with a highly accurate Ghost image removal tool.

Features of the program:
The alignment of the images
Automatic removal of Ghost images
Balancing and HDR presets
Saving to 16-bit format
Post-treatment filters
7 different HDR algorithms
Customizable exposure steps
Selective exposure and HDR weight with HDR Painter
Built-in RAW file processing for almost all RAW formats
High-precision alignment
Thematically divided into the presets to get professional results quickly
5 algorithms for calculating the tonal mapping for maximum freedom of image conversion
High-quality filters for creatively completed and ready-to-print photos
High-end HDR from exposure frames
Ability to adjust the weight of each photo individually
Maximum creative freedom with 9 new HDR presets

Optimal use of equipment with 32-core multithreading