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How many folders do you have on your computer? Scores of them? Hundreds? Thousands? Are all of them are alike: yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder… It’s so easy to be confused with such a routine!

Folder Marker Home is a powerful helper utility for Windows-based computers that helps you to easily organize your folders by changing the image or color of the folder itself. You can, for example, change folder color or mark folders to indicate priority (high, normal, and low), level of project completeness (done, half-done, and planned) by work status (approved, rejected, and pending) and type of information stored in folder (work, important, temp, and private files). A quick look is now enough to identify the folder you are looking for!

The icons in Folder Marker are self-explanatory and include many colors, dark and light colors, many categories, and they carry letters and numbers. Of course, the default set of icons can be expanded with the unlimited number of new icons that you have downloaded from the Internet, or created in the icon editor yourself. The program is extremely easy-to-use. You can change the icon from the context menu of the selected folder, or from the program using its simple interface and tools. The program also offers the capability to apply the folder customization to all subfolders in one fell swoop.

Folder Marker Home 4.2 Key Benefits:

  • Get organized – Prioritize your tasks or indicate process progress with ‘priority’ icons
  • Save time on finding file – Put your folders in order in 2 clicks
  • Protect valuable information from accidental removal – Highlight important folders that must not be removed
  • Personalize your workspace – Make your folders distinct from other folders, shared with other users on one PC or LAN

Folder Marker Home 4.2 Free Full Version Download

Folder Marker Home 4.2 normally charges $24.95 per serial number / registration key. The developer are having a giveaway of Folder Marker Home 4.2, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for three days only!

Go to the giveaway page here, enter your name, email and press “Send registration key to my email” button. You also have the option of “liking” Folder Marker on Facebook, though this isn’t required.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your serial key and a download link. You must use both to take advantage of this giveaway (the key will NOT work with version, downloaded elsewhere).

According to Giveaway terms, you have no free upgrades and free support.