FIFA 19 SQB Victory over Legend, Ultimate Computer Play Tutorial


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How to play the incredible and extreme PC in FIFA 19 SQB mode? Numerous companions are indistinct. Here are the FIFA 19 SQB triumph over the legend and a definitive PC diversion instructional exercise. This article subtleties the lineup + play, and uses GIF to break down two essential extravagant moves and hostile thoughts.

Let me quickly talk about the primary concerns.

The arrangement chooses 4-3-3 (5), with a CF, the development without ST.

Two extravagant styles that must be aced, pull the ball (one star extravagant), cross bow string (five-star extravagant)

Must be capable, and the best way to ace the shot, precise shot (requires TIME-FINISH)

Next, state a couple

1, lineup map + relating position player determination and reason + strategy board

2. Application and disintegration of a star bloom pull ball

3. Application and decay of five-star extravagant crossbow strings

4. Point by point presentation and degree examination of radiation

5, protective experience

Lineup + relating position player determination and reason + strategy board

Lineup determination


Three front courts (LW + CF + RW), three midfielders (CM), four watchmen (LB + RB + 2CB)

Relating position player choice

LW: Choose a five-star extravagant, the best shooting at least 80, the curve in excess of 85 players, suggest Neymar, Sun Xingmin, Koman (the legend is better)

CF: Choose a crushing beast, shooting more than 80, the circular segment in excess of 80 players, prescribe Messi, Piero, De Blaunet, Debala (or other sneak fault)

RW: Choose a five-star extravagant, absolute best at least 80, bend in excess of 85 players, suggest Mbape (or other)

CM on the left: pick cautious fault, scuffle fault, prescribe Naingran, horse retreat (blend and match Serie An), or Kanter, Fabiano (blend and match Premier League)

Right CM: Same as above

CM in the center: It is critical to pick the fault, the best applicant is De Blaunet, I think this position is best for him, if not, Dibala or even C Ronaldo

LB: It is ideal to Marcelo, the five-star extravagant can shake the PC, and the ball is great. In the event that you don't have it, Sandro can do it.

RB: Walker, Cancello.

CB: You can pick the correct one.

GK: Nothing to ask, simply pick it, at any rate, a definitive SQB is a beast, it is as yet important to enter.

Strategic board

The profundity and width of the resistance are changed in accordance with three, and the rest are default.

Strategic guidance

All players are tuned to the essential protective/hostile time left after the other default.
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