EZ Game Booster PRO


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EZ Game Booster - optimizes the system of your PC for games by temporarily suspending unnecessary processes, individually or all, in order to focus the main resources on gaming performance.
The program analyzes the system and allows you to take specific actions for all processes in order to clean up RAM and increase processor performance. EZ Game Booster gives you the opportunity to enjoy new games at the highest quality level, increasing the effectiveness of games and programs by 10-30%.
EZ Game Booster makes it possible to optimize numerous PC parameters in both automatic and manual mode by disabling unnecessary services, completing background processes, cleaning RAM, increasing the performance of the central processor and more.
Key Features:
• Ability to automatically and manually optimize PC settings.
• The presence of the game mode (all available resources are allocated to the game).
• The presence of the calibration mode, which greatly simplifies the process of setting the computer performance.
• Create your own game profiles.
• Diagnosis of the system and the display of its "weak" places that can affect the performance of games.
• The ability to redistribute system resources in favor of gaming applications.
• The presence of a mechanism for defragmenting game folders and files.
• Definition of games on Steam and much more.