ExpressVPN Skeptical of contact-tracing apps?


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he privacy paradox of contact-tracing apps

There’s a fine line between invasive data-collection practices and the need for individual privacy, and contact-tracing apps are blurring it.
Since their introduction, contact-tracing apps have been met with public skepticism.

There are certainly examples of countries that have used contact-tracing technology effectively and with minimal privacy concerns. But our apprehensions have also been borne out with recent developments in more invasive ways that some countries are using the data they’ve collected. Find out how contact tracing is being used around the world.

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Always there is problem with software like this. Intended for contact tracing but will be used for other purpose. People really have the curiosity and privacy goes pfffttt..


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that's interesting I also use pn to bypass all restrictions and protect my ptivacy. As for me it's a must have tool these days.