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Mar 10, 2020


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Explorermax is a more intelligent and better alternative software for Windows's file explorer, which provides functions such as tabs, folder favorites, batch rename, etc.

terms and conditions
- 2000 licenses (ends when the license code has been activated by 2000 times)
- 1-year license for 1 PC, after computer clean install and software reinstall, users need to re-enter the key.
- only home use.
- Includes free technical support for 1 year

(license code is in the download package)

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Windows 8.1 Firefox 78.0
OSToto ExplorerMax for free. End of promotion July 8, 2020. The promotion ends on July 8, 2020
Good News Here!
To help those fighting with COVID-19 and dealing with numerous digital files, OSToto has decided to giveaway 2000 ExplorerMax's 1-Year license for free from 2nd to 8th in July. Hope all of you guys enjoy this time-limited offer.

$9.95 ➞ free today

OSToto Software
File size: 31.8 MB
Licence details: 1-Year license/1 PC
Languages: English, French, Polish, Chinese, Korean
System requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 / 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista

ExplorerMax is a smart file manager for the Windows system. It features tabs and book marks in Chrome style; It supports light and dark skin; it enables you to search quickly and get grouped results; Moreover, batch rename and file zip/unzip are available.

Key features:
1. Tabs - Tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch between them quickly.
2. Quick Search - Search the files from your system or specific disk. And it's returning the results in groups / Categories clearly.
3. Bookmarks - Keep your favorite files or folders quickly accessible through bookmarks.
4. Timeline - Locate to your file-managing history and recent files efficiently.
5. Skin - Light or dark mode is available.
6. Batch Rename - Smart rename your files.
7. Compression/Extraction - Easy to compress and extract the files in most types.
8. Dual-pane - Great solution to display an overview and save your time from frequent tab-switching. Folder-to-folder operations are simplified to the most.
License Key: 14EAA-EBA16-95376-53B7C-A7A93
Download Page: OSToto ExplorerMax
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Quick Guide for ExplorerMax
Giveaway Page: OSToto ExplorerMax