Errors (Mistakes) and Updates in Windows 8.1

Make the old Version 8 or 8.1 better or they should bring always new not perfect Versions out?

  • Or should Microsoft bring new Versions with correct mistakes for us to download out?

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In the Windows 8 version they make a lot of mistakes in the new Version.
Then come a pseudo 8.1 Version out, and in this version they correct only
the mistakes in Version 8 and bring it out under the name 8.1. Now in a view
months we should download and update to 10. What do you think? Is it better
to bring always new Versions out and if we must reinstall the Computer,
then we must always download us the Updates from the Store or do you think
they should make first, with Updates, Windows 8.1 better, without a new Name
for the same system? Is this sinnless what Microsoft is doing now to work on
new Versions if the old 8.1 Version is not perfect at all and is full of
mistakes? My opinion is they should make the old Version better and not work
on new Versions if Windows 8 or 8.1 is not perfect at all.
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