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ePixEditions Wallpaper Calendar - Sunsets I is free on the Giveaway of the Day. 19 hours left.

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ePix Editions
Homepage: https://www.epixeditions.com/01/pages/index.php?id=sunset1
File size: 12.6 MB
Licence details: Lifetime - No free technical support - No free updates to future versions - Strictly non-commercial usage
Languages: English
System requirements: Windows 7/ 8/ 10 (x32/x64)

ePix Wallpaper Calendar is Windows software that brings a new image to your desktop each month. Sunsets I is a collection of 12 images suitable for modern displays. What can one say about sunsets? Not much really... but luckily, an image tells a thousand words so we don't have to bother writing much.
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