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With Secuperts Anti-Spy you can stop the sniffer of the features of Windows 10 in just a few clicks.
Windows 10 reveals, by default, much of your behavior on the PC. The operating system is transmitted, namely, - the part without data on your PC question - behavior to the Microsoft Server. With Secuperts Anti-Spy turn off these spying functions quite comfortable. The Software lists around 80 different preset sniffer functions, so that you can individually decide which data you want to transmit and which are not.
The Software runs under Windows 7, 8, and 10.

How to go: For the Installation of this program, you will need a license key that you get after a free registration with the manufacturer. Click at the first program start in the registration window, click "click Here to get a free serial number". Enter the opened Browser window your name and E-Mail address and click on "serial number request". The serial number will now be sent to you by E-Mail. Enter it in the registration window in the license key field, and finally click on "Register".

Please note: The Software should be on the same day, stored and registered.

Here you will get the free full version