Emsisoft, Coveware Offer Free Ransomware Help During Coronavirus Outbreak


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Emsisoft and Coveware have announced that they will be offering their ransomware decryption and negotiation services for free to healthcare providers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

With medical facilities, hospitals, and labs already being over capacity and employees working in stressful and dangerous environments, they need all the help they can get.

Unfortunately, some online threat groups and ransomware operators see this as an optimal time to launch attacks on these organizations when they are at their most vulnerable.

This is shown in recent attacks against the United States Health and Human Services Department's HHS.gov site, Illinois Champaign County Public Health Department, and the University Hospital Brno in the Czech Republic.

Giving back when they need it the most
Starting today, Emsisoft and Coveware will offer their ransomware related services to healthcare providers for free.

“This is the worst possible time for a healthcare provider to be impacted by ransomware. We want to ensure that they’re able to return to normal operations as quickly as possible so that patient care is minimally disrupted. We’re all in this together, and both companies and individuals need to be doing whatever they can to help each other.” Emsisoft's Brett Callow told BleepingComputer via email.

Emsisoft offers custom decryption services for their customers who find that paid-for decryptors do not work or if an exploitable weakness is found in a ransomware infection that must be utilized on a case-by-case basis.



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