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Is your computer running slowly? Lorien Cleaner will provide powerful junk cleaning and privacy protection and make your computer run like new!
With built-in powerful components, Lorien Cleaner will help you troubleshoot problems, clean up disk space, optimize your system.
Say goodbye to annoying lags!
• Removes unused files and settings that take up space on your hard drive.
• Advanced System scans the residual system to completely free up your computer's memory with one click.
• Disables unnecessary programs that run in the background when the computer starts.
• Regularly cleans up unnecessary files to keep your computer running smoothly.

Install the software.
To activate your free copy, visit the
page below. Fill out the form and submit your details. Registration information will be sent by email.

Click the program menu (in the upper right corner), select "Activate the program" and enter your email address and the received key.
• No free technical support
• No free updates to future versions
• Non-commercial use
• Lifetime license with no updates.