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Eazy Fix — Windows Time Machine Giveaway

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About Eazy Fix — Windows Time Machine

Eazy Fix lets users to instantly undo computer problems by reverting the computer back to last hour, yesterday, last week or last month before the problems have happened. Eazy Fix works even if Windows O.S. fails to load.
Eazy Fix by the Numbers
1 minute to setup Eazy Fix on your computer
5 seconds to create a snapshot of the computer
A snapshot contains 100% of Windows system, user data, programs and settings
10 seconds to rollback the computer to a snapshot even if Windows fails to load

Eazy Fix is the easiest, fastest and best system instant recovery solution.

New 11.3
released in 2020/01

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Coupon Code: PCUN-LIXT-BLIH (25%)​
Eazy Fix Highlights

Use Eazy Fix to restore system when Windows fails to load
Use Eazy Fix to recover deleted or corrupted files
Use Eazy Fix to clean up virus, spyware or ransomware infections
Use Eazy Fix to remove unwanted software installations
Use Eazy Fix to rollback failed software deployment
Use Eazy Fix to reset workstations to desired baseline upon restart
Use Eazy Fix to create test beds for software testing
Use Eazy Fix to protect system and data from unauthorized access
Use Eazy Fix to restore data up to the minute of crash

Eazy Fix — Windows Time Machine Giveaway

I would like to thank the EAZ Solutions team for this exclusive giveaway

| 5 Perpetual licenses Eazy Fix 11 , all version 11 updates are free |

I'll increase the number of licenses if the giveaway participation is good

Write, why you want to win a license of Eazy Fix (Required)
Share the giveaway on social media, forums, etc (Optional)

I'll draw the winners on 29 April 2020
PM me within 3 days to claim the win

PM me any queries

Good luck

For Your Info

Eazy Fix (EAZ Solutions) and Rollback Rx (HorizonDataSys) are the same software, with the different brand names, by the same folks.

HorizonDataSys is a sister company of EAZ Solutions.
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Very nice giveaway! Eazyfix is really good,its very helpful, if the computer crashes. I used this program for years. I hope,I win a license key. Thanks for it.(y)


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I'm using this soft on my PC. Always useful in case of problems with updates or when installing programs that mess up.
An additional license would be useful for the laptop.
Thank you for this opportunity khanyash & Eazy-fix !


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EazyFix and Rollback (I've used both of them many years back in their earlier versions) are really a must have disaster recovery tool.
I remember on my Win98SE PC, EazFix Pro, as it was called then as far as I remember, saved me many times. I used to curiously install and unistall many trialwares and rolling back to stable timeline always was the best thing to just "renew" my system. Very stable software.
I have always longed for this gem. I hope I'm lucky this time.
Thanks khanyash for bringing this wonderful giveaway.
Yeah, please definitely consider increasing number of licenses so that more members can benefit...this is my personal request for this software.


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Eazy Fix lets users undo computer problems. Going to past from your current state is a unique observation. Easy files recovery. It cleans infection specially Ransom ware and protection against harmful software threats. Perfect recovery solution for basic computer user.
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MJ Nunag

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I want to win. In case of a system crash or failure, I can use it to repair and fix my computer in no time. ;)
Thank you for the giveaway contest.


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My laptop had BSOD recently and after that wouldn't start up, spent hour fixing the problem, wish i had EZfix, would save me a lot of hassles.


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Thanks for the giveaway.
I hope to win the Eazy Fix license, because it is a great tool for restoring the system to its previous state for any period of time in the event of problems with the PC (failure to boot the system, virus infection of the computer, removal of previously installed unnecessary software, and others.

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Thanks for the giveaway.
Eazy Fix allows you to instantly fix your problems on your computer using image recovery. Eazy Fix takes less than 5 seconds to take a new snapshot, and less than 10 seconds to restore the computer or individual files from snapshots.


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Thank you for the giveaway!
I haven`t heard about this program before, i must recon that but after i read some articles on the internet about it i found it very useful, something similar to Windows Restore Point from system programs.
I must say i need this EazyFix in order to be safe when i use the PC knowing that in a minute a can revert the state to a baseline image created by the software and thus i can rest assured that my files will be saved.
I would like to be entered into the draw for this prize.



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I like this instant recovery technology, Eazy Fix. I have used the previous version 10 on my Win 7 machine and it has saved my ass a number of times. I have upgraded my machine to Win 10 and would be delighted to have the new version EF 11 on it.


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I have performed factory resetting Windows many times, because of the number of applications I install. The applications slow down startup of my PC and I don't know which programs are responsible for this. If I have Eazy Fix, I can create snapshots before installing applications and if I find any problem I can simply go to the previous stage. This saves a lot of time rather than factory resetting and also the previously installed programs remain.

Thanks for arranging this giveaway.

Vladimir I.dos Santos

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"why you would like to win Eazy Fix"

I have many problems with my computer. It is common to have virus, windows fails to bootup, deleted or corrupted files and many other problems. With the time machine software Eazy Fix, no more headache or long time trying to solve these problems. Simply launch the app and revert back your PC to anytime point you want. Simple and fast. Eazy Fix eliminates the hassles and headaches of dealing with Windows problems by simply returning the computer to the way it was, IN SECONDS.

Eazy Fix is a Windows Time Machine!

Eazy Fix is a great "time machine" solution that allows you to quickly create system snapshots and restore the system from them in case something goes wrong. I would love such a program because I often test different software. I've tried several times to fight for this type of program - maybe this time I will be lucky.

Thanks for giveaway


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I feel much safer with EasyFix.
It is unobtrusive and it doesn't slowdown my system at all.
Now I'm free to test and try any program without the worry of make my system unusable


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Windows 10 Chrome 80.0.3987.163
Thanks a lot for the giveaway @khanyash (y)
EazyFix is definitely a great software, i really like the concept of restoring the PC in a custom state at a given date, having pratically at hand a really time machine.
Excellent performance, stability and reliability.
Count me in please.

My share is below:
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