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easyHDR is a high dynamic range or HDR image processing program. The application creates and calibrates images with different exposures to get an HDR photo. This technique, which is currently changing the approach to photography, is to search for a wide range of exposure levels in all areas of the image. To do this, mix several photos of the same scene with different light exposures. The result is really impressive.
Creating HDR images with easyHDR is very simple: just open the photos you took with different exposures, and the application does the rest. First, it generates an HDR image by mixing photos. It then calibrates the images using a tone mapping or Tone Map, which is a prerequisite for playing photos on the screen or on a printer. At the end, the application processes the image.
At all these stages, you can adjust the parameters to achieve the desired result. easyHDR can import files of various formats, such as JPEG, TIFF or RAW, and also can save the created image in JPEG or TIFF format.
easyHDR is the perfect solution for taking good pictures even in difficult lighting conditions.