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EaseUS Disk Copy is a simple media cloning software that will help you create a complete copy of the contents on the HDD and transfer files, operating system or applications to another drive. Particular attention should be paid to this decision for those users who are interested in operating system migration. EaseUS Disk Copy will automatically detect the disk space and a notification will appear on the screen about the possibility of Windows cloning. In addition, there are options here that allow you to create boot devices in just a couple of clicks.
EaseUS Disk Copy is distributed for a fee, and the demo version does not allow you to take full advantage of all existing functions. There are no auxiliary cloning options here, and the operation itself is performed in a standard way. If you are a novice user, but are willing to pay for useful software that can copy the contents of the HDD without any problems, you should definitely consider EaseUS Disk Copy as the best option.
Key features:
• Support for IDE, SATAI, SATAII, SCSI, Firewire (IEEE1394), USB, and dynamic disks.
• High accuracy of copying discs.
• Supports hard drives up to 1 TB.
• Ability to create a bootable CD / DVD disc.
• Ability to transfer deleted and inaccessible data.
• Creation of exact copies of the specified section of the disk.
• Possibility of sector-by-sector disk cloning.