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Architectural photography, particularly urban architectural photography, frequently requires using wide-angle or even ultra-wide-angle (< 24mm) lenses, which increases the risk of rendering unsightly convergent lines and volume deformation of subjects on image edges. Based on DxO Labs’ exclusive geometric correction technology, DxO ViewPoint offers simple visual tools that lets you easily and efficiently fix distorted elements and restore the natural shapes of subjects located on the edges of images: converging vertical and horizontal lines once again become parallel, unnatural-looking facades regain their normal appearance.

Once this loss is dealt with, there are still the corrections to consider — in other words, as it corrects the distortions, you will also have to crop the image, eliminating the edges that correspond to the convergent lines (When you shoot, we recommend that you frame your shot with wide enough margins so that cropping will not affect the principal subject of your image). DxO ViewPoint offers both automatic and manual cropping mode. DxO ViewPoint also offers a cropping mode that gives access to the entire image. The residual darkened zones can be easily resolved using editing software, thus allowing photographers to more freely maximize the image field.

The Anamorphosis tool takes into account your shooting parameters. You can use it to easily correct the deformation of subjects located on the edges of images, whether the distortion is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Use the Keystoning tool to easily rectify convergent lines and complex perspective problems and thus give your architectural and urban photos a more natural look. Use the Horizon tool to level tilted horizon lines in your landscape photos. And use DxO ViewPoint’s automatic cropping feature to optimally preserve the proportions in your image for a more natural rendering, and to maximize the visible field.

A clear and intuitive interface

DxO ViewPoint has a workspace composed of a large viewing area along with simple and intuitive toolbars and control palettes. Thanks to the software’s explicit icons, you can readily identify the rights tools for applying your corrections in just a few clicks. Place your anchor points with precision using the Loupe palette and use the composition grid to fine-tune your corrections. You can choose between two display modes: single image for making corrections with a maximum of precision,or side-by-side to be able to see changes in real-time.

System requirements

For the best results with DxO ViewPoint, your computer must conform to the following minimum specifications:

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows XP 32 bits, Windows Vista (32, 64 bits), Windows 7 (32, 64 bits).
Processeur Intel Pentium 4, Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor.
2 GB of RAM.
400 MB of available disk space.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Intel Mac processor.
2 GB of RAM.
400 MB of available disk space.

DxO ViewPoint is normally priced at $79 per serial number / activation code. But as part of the developer’s promo offer, you can now download DxO ViewPoint Version 1.2.1/Build 14 full version with activation code for free! DxO ViewPoint 1.2.1 is not the latest version because the developer has released DxO ViewPoint 2 sometime ago. Though, DxO ViewPoint 1.2.1 is old version but it still very good and is enough for everyday usage.

To get a free serial key for DxO ViewPoint 1.2.1, please go to the giveaway page here, enter your email, the CAPTCHA and then press the “Submit” button. You will get your free activation code & download link for both Mac and Windows by email (Your activation code can be simultaneously activated on 2 computers, Mac or PC ). Remember…check your spam, bulk or Promotions mail folder, your code may send to this place after you sent the requests. Giveaway Offer valid till April 30, 2015. DxO ViewPoint v1.2.1 can be used as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and as a standalone application.

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