DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac -- A Cost-effective Mac DVD Ripper Tool


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What you are looking for when you search for a tool to rip DVD obviously varies from specific need to specific need. My work requests me to travel a lot, so movie is an indispensible part for me to get through the long and boring trip time. I usually take my portable devices along with me for my business and also for my DVD watching. You know, nowadays, portable devices like smart phones, tablets, game console, etc. have been developed to be not much inferior to things like PC, HTPC, etc. as they are so light-weight and powerful. So for me, various functionalities, extreme speed, zero quality loss, profession and rich profile to support all the portable devices, are what important to me to evaluate a DVD ripper. And I think they are what most people looking for on a DVD ripper.

DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac is definite what I need for ripping my favorite DVDs working with my Mac. As a Mac DVD Ripper, it perfectly runs on iMac and Mac OS from v 10.6 to 10.10.

Firstly, it is capable of decrypting DVDs. If you love DVDs, you must know that all the legitimate DVD discs are designed with DVD encryptions to prevent them from being illegally used. And that is also the barrier to get my DVD content and convert it to my portable devices. But DVDFab solves it well. When a DVD loaded in, the protections in it are removed automatically, and the DVD content is accessible to make any conversion and customize settings.

DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac has a rich profile library covering all the mainstream formats and devices. You can, then, rip the DVD content and change the video format to other format like MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, M2TS, etc. And you can directly rip DVDs to your portable devices by simply click the related icon at the devices panel. Don't worry about the limitation of the device profile, all the popular devices including smart phones, tablets, TV Boxes, 3D devices, game consoles like PSP, PS4, Xbox, etc. are collected in. You can find anything you want here. Plus, if you just need the sound of the DVD, you can also extract the audio file with DVDFab. You can also change the audio format to be MP3, WMA, M4A, MAV, AC3, etc.

Besides the DVD discs, DVD ISO and DVD folder are also supported to be the source input formats. They can be added by simply drag & drop into the main UI to be analyzed, or clicking the "+" button or "+Add" button to navigate in.

Beside above-mentioned, you can also customize all the output content like determining which part of DVD will be output, the audio tracks and subtitles as well. As the DVD you want to rip is in, the correct DVD titles, chapters under titles, the embedded audio & subtitle stream will be recognized and listed on the operating UI for your choices. Usually, the main movie will be selected as default. While you can also change it, and choose what you need to kept in the output not only based on titles, but also based on chapters.

You can deeply customize the output result with DVDFab's video edit feature. It is located on the tool bar right behind of Ripper tab. With the built-in video editing, you can select the specific aspect ratio you need, trim any part you need not based on minutes, but on seconds, crop it with the display area you need with black bars off. You can also brand the DVD by adding a watermark, either text watermark or image watermark, add external subtitles, and change the video effect like brightness, contrast and saturation. DVDFab gives you the power to be a video editor master.

I'm a productive worker, and I have efficiency request on almost everything of my life. So I won't be able to stand a low-effective DVD ripper with long-run processing. And DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac never lets me down. The whole process just cost me several minutes. Usually, just a while of replying an email, the DVD ripping process is finished. That's really what I appreciate.

What's more fantastic comes when I play the result after finishing ripping DVD. Super high-level video quality. I have made so much customize settings for the DVD, but I can't see the obvious loss compared with the original DVD. Really amazing!

Cost-effective DVD ripper for Mac, that's why DVDFab pleases users worldwide and gain a vast range of favor for so many years.