DVD cinavia removal is coming!

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    DVDFab’s lossless Cinavia removal technology for Blu-ray, since born in late 2015, has made Fengtao Software the best Cinavia removal solution provider worldwide. Since then, many have been wondering when the same solution can be ready for DVDs. Now after more than one year’s hard work, that day eventually comes.

    Introducing the DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal
    It has been an undeniable fact that the annoying Cinavia protection is now spreading to DVDs. As of now, dozens of DVDs have been affected, and there are definitely more to come. With DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal (only the Windows version for now), users can now make Cinavia-free backups — the audio track planted with watermark on the affected DVD will be rendered completely useless during the process, leaving users a near-lossless non-Cinavia backup.

    More info, please visit the official site of DVDFab.
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    thanks for sharing

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