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Windows 10 Chrome 88.0.4324.96

Longing for tabs in Windows File Explorer? Try ExplorerMax!
The chrome-styled tabbing feature enables you to open multiple files at the same window. It’s easy to switch from one to another. As for your favorites, you may add bookmarks with a drag-and-drop. In this way, you’ll get a better overview and always focus on the key part.

Clear TimeLine
If you want to track the file you managed at a certain moment, go and check Timeline.
Here, you can find your browsing history classified into four groups -- Today, Yesterday, Latest Week, Latest Month. Then, the parent path is soon accessible. Moreover, for unwanted history, clearing them all or selectively is up to you

Fast Search
Have you ever feel dizzy when there is no response to your urgent search? Or waiting a century for massive files?
In ExplorerMax, you never bother to suffer from a slow search. As long as you enter the keyword in the search box and set the target file type, you can get grouped results in a second.
Be efficient and stay organized.

Dual Pane
Tired of switching two tabs? Add them to the dual-pane.
When you have requests for fluent interactions between two tabs, dual-pane is a great solution to display an overview and save your time from frequent tab-switching. In ExplorerMax, folder-to-folder operations are simplified to the most.

Skin Preferences
Getting bored with default skin? Light mode and dark mode are supported now in ExplorerMax.
It can perfectly match user's color preferences of Windows 10. When you change the accent color for the system, ExplorerMax will respond to the modification quickly and display the stylish interface.

ExplorerMax, 1 key for 200 users, 1-year license.