Do you use photoshop?

jack katir

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No one in the world can compete photoshop, but when i am away from office or my desktop where i do not find photoshop i use GIMp which is free or pixlr or toolpic editor which is also a best photoshop alternative this days.


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I use Photoshop at home (Cs6) and at work (CC). I used almost every version since C2. Very useful software, i use it since i graduated the primary school.


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No..... But I'm thinking about starting to tinker with it to create Windows logon screens. I've found some Adobe Photoshop elements lately that look pretty neat.

For now though, Paint.NET handles most of my imaging needs. Supports transparency for PNG files for use with icons and other things, adjustable quality when saving images, Photoscape nice 'lasso' feature that helps me change the background on smaller avatar pics.

Good stuff :)
Thank you so much for your suggestion :)
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According to your question it really depends, but CS6 is good.
But if you want a cheap version of a program like Photoshop then I suggest they have a photo program that has almost all of Photoshop features for dirt cheap.

Hope my info helps.


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I don't use Photoshop, although I have tried it in the past. Currently I am using 64bit version with several free plugins and plugin packs, I also use the plugin PSFilterPdn with that allows you to use .8bf .64bf photoshop plugins, this allows me to use the free Google Nik Collection and some other softwares that have the .8bf or .64bf photoshop plugins.

I like Photoshop, but I can't see paying for a subscription when my needs are met with the free